Literature Baskets Make Learning Fun

At the beginning of each school day, our students are invited to play. They choose from several activities that rotate on a weekly basis depending on the concept we are teaching. Students can stay on one task, or they may rotate to all of the stations as they wish. Some days, all of the children work on something together, and other days, they work individually.

ImageA staple of our morning invitation to play is our literature basket, which is simply a laundry basket with a book, a pillow, and some related items inside. It’s a cozy place for a student to curl up with a good book. This special, unique place encourages reading because the students are eager to explore the basket and settle in. It’s perfect for a time when a child just wants to relax, have fun, and experience literature in a whole new way.

A Snack is More Than Just a Snack

Snack time is very important at preschool. It helps keep active youngsters moving, allows them to focus, and is a nice break so they have the opportunity to relax and chat with their friends.

Square Roots takes snack time a bit further. We make sure that our snacks are organic and locally grown whenever possible and always healthy. While the students are eating, Ms. Taryn asks them about why they think the food they are eating is healthy and what it does to help their bodies grow big and strong. The kids really enjoy expressing their ideas about how a particular food is healthy, and Ms. Taryn guides them in the right direction, making snack time fun, nourishing, and educational.

Since we are studying the letter “B” this week, we enjoyed bananas and blueberry yogurt!


Creativity, Structure, and the Play-based Curriculum

Square Roots employs a play-based curriculum because we believe children learn best through play. Our day is not all chaos as it might sound. Our students are given opportunities to be creative and think freely, all in the framework of the lesson structure Ms. Taryn provides. There is always a goal to our play, and there is always a concept, but we allow the children to explore and create and draw conclusions within that framework. We came across a great article addressing how beneficial this type of learning environment can be for children even as they grow older. Please check out The Role of Structure in Creative Free Thinking.

This week we learned about the letter “B” and the color “orange.” Check out how our students used creativity within the framework of the lesson:Image

Keeping Things Clean the Safe Way

Most preschools use bleach to disinfect classroom surfaces. Effective? Yes.

Unfortunately, bleach is also toxic. It is a known carcinogen, and it can actually be quite dangerous to use.

SolUGuardAt Square Roots, we use a botanical disinfectant called Sol-U-Guard, made by Melaleuca. It is a safe, equally-effective bleach alternative that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including staph, E-coli, salmonella, strep, Poliovirus type1, Influenza A, and Rhinovirus type 37. Sol-U-Guard meets state requirements for disinfecting surfaces and is EPA-certified.

The patented, all-natural formula uses thyme-oil and citric acid. It has a wonderful herbal scent that is much less invasive than bleach or other chemical cleaners. We feel good that even if a toy at the preschool is inserted into the mouth of a child, the Sol-U-Guard used to clean it will do no harm. It’s so safe, our students can even help with cleaning!


School is in session!

We have started an exciting first week at Square Roots Preschool! Students are getting to know each other, learning the schedule and daily songs, and learning all about the letter A. We’ve practiced yoga, eaten healthy snacks, explored outside,  and worked on a group project, creating our very own alligators!

ImageA is for Alligator