Letter Learning

At Square Roots Preschool, we focus on one letter each week. We fully immerse ourselves in learning about that letter, and almost all activities center around the letter and the sound of the letter so that the learning is reinforced throughout the week. Sure, we practice writing the letter, but most of our work is play, so we spend most of our time interacting with and applying the sound of our featured letter. We recently learned all about the letter “Hh.” Some of the week’s H-centered activities included:

• Letter “Hh” Song

• Handprints

• Matching Halves/Measuring Height

• Hair Gel Sensory Bin

• Hula Hooping

• Learning “Help” in Sign Language

• Listing Words That Begin with “Hh”

• Hammering

• Watching a Video about Hurricanes

• Making Hurricanes

• Halloween Hs

• Hearts of Palm for Snack


How Important is a Daily Schedule?

ImageEarly childhood education with a foundation in play is successful because it allows children to think, grow, and create while exploring a teacher-chosen concept. A play-based preschool may sound unstructured. Play-based does not mean that we don’t have a daily schedule or lesson plan, and it doesn’t mean that the students are running wild, doing whatever they please. It does mean that our students learn through play, and though they have the freedom to play with materials as they wish, there is structure and purpose to our day with goals for learning. Our daily schedule provides predictability and structure for our students.