Chemical-free Classroom

At Square Roots, we believe strongly in keeping our classroom free of toxins, which means that we don’t use chemical cleaners that are traditionally used in classroom environments. Instead, we use natural, herbal disinfectants and cleaners that meet or exceed state standards and have been proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses without the harmful side effects of cleaners such as bleach.

Bleach is a proven carcinogen, not to mention the cause of respiratory and skin distress, and we don’t feel that our families or our students should be exposed to such a harmful chemical. If you’d like to read about the dangers of bleach, please feel free to browse the links, below:

Dangers of Bleach

What is Bleach? And Why is it Dangerous?

YIKES: A typical bleach formula for the classroom. This article is indicative of the “false safe” information about bleach use in classrooms. We found this via a Google search on “use of bleach in preschools.”  CAUTION: THIS ARTICLE STATES THAT A SOLUTION OF BLEACH AND WATER SHOULD NOT BE HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED.

Square Roots Preschool is committed to keeping our classroom completely chemical-free, so your children can thrive in a safe, non-toxic environment. If you have questions about the dangers of chemical cleaners or about the alternative cleaners we use, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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