Our Small Class Size Might be Just the Thing for Your Child

The teacher/student ratio for Arizona is 1:13, but Square Roots Preschool has a ratio of 1:4. We believe that smaller class sizes benefit preschool aged children for a variety of reasons.

• Our teacher truly gets to know each student well–their strengths and weaknesses–and has the time to spend one-on-one time with each student, helping to foster strengths and personal interests and provide help in areas that may need improvement.

• The students get to know one another well and develop deeper, more supportive relationships than they would in a larger class.

• Our projects and lessons are more detailed and in-depth, as we have time to help each student through the process.

• We get to know our families well and have time for more communication regarding individual students.

• Each student gets more “turns,” or opportunities to speak, practice, share, and actively participate rather than sit back and watch others. We believe in hands-on learning.

• Students have greater involvement, and no one is in the background. This is especially beneficial for shy children.

• Each year, we can tailor the classroom activities to the individual students in the classroom. If everyone loves trains, we’ll incorporate that into the class, for example. Everyone becomes more engaged.

• Students new to preschool feel comfortable and secure coming in and older children setting off for kindergarten feel confident and well-prepared.

Could your child benefit from a small, home-based preschool? Please check us out, and please spread the word. We’re currently enrolling for fall 2014 and would love to meet you and your child!



Writing Practice: It’s All About the Stuff


Writing Practice: It's All About the Stuff. Hand image source: nashvilleparent.com

Writing Practice: It’s All About the Stuff. Hand image source: nashvilleparent.com


Preschool-aged children can never get enough writing practice. From first scribbles to word formation, any opportunity to write is great practice. Encouragement is key, but–let’s face it–so are the materials. Keeping fun writing instruments and paper around will usually entice your child to take hold and write. Children also love to use adult-type papers and forms, so raid that office recycling bin for some fun possibilities.

A great way to incorporate writing practice into your routine is to set up a writing container in, say, the kitchen. Include post-it notes, index cards, small spiral-bound notebooks, pencils, crayons, markers and pens. Let your child write while you cook or do the dishes each day. Get creative with the materials you use. Ask your local restaurant if they have a spare order pad, and provide stationery, envelopes, stickers, and tape. Even old IRS forms look fun for kids (at least until they learn to read–wink, wink). Encourage your child to write a letter, take your food order, or fill out that dreaded tax form.

All of this practice helps your child develop her writing skills, help her learn left-to-right progression, and also promote creativity and imagination!

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Come Visit Us! See what we’re all about!

Establishing strong roots is important for the future. Square Roots Preschool exists to provide a safe, developmentally-appropriate environment for preschool. Our focus is to provide a secure and stimulating early education experience that promotes each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal is to help grow a desire in children to be life-long learners.

Why Square Roots?

• secure, comforting transition between home and school for a successful first-time preschool experience

• small class size of four children (state ratio is 1:13+) enables the teacher to have a powerful impact on each child’s development

• degreed preschool teacher and support staff

• on-staff consultant: early childhood development professor with over 40 years of experience

• healthy snacks, organic when possible

• nontoxic, natural environment free of harmful chemicals

• safe, stimulating outdoor play area

• opportunities for family involvement

• ongoing, thorough communication with parents

Square Roots is a home-based Gilbert-area preschool uniquely designed to be your child’s secure transition into kindergarten. We partner with parents to establish roots for a successful path of life-long learning. Our goal is to have a classroom that encourages imagination and builds confidence. Our creative curriculum is play-based.

We educate our students about their place and responsibility in their community. We teach wellness and maintain an environmentally-friendly, chemical-free classroom.

At Square Roots, your child will be in an environment that emphasized interpersonal skills, environmental awareness, and a sense of community. Classroom materials serve needs from helping children to develop their sensory and motor skills to problem solving and teamwork, all of which help build pre-kindergarten skills.

We currently offer two scheduling options for our two-day, class-only program and are taking names for an interest list for an afternoon class. We work with our families on an individual basis, so please let us know your needs.

We would love to give you a classroom tour! Please call 480.447.ROOT or email taryn.squarerootspreschool@gmail.com for more information.