Our Small Class Size Might be Just the Thing for Your Child

The teacher/student ratio for Arizona is 1:13, but Square Roots Preschool has a ratio of 1:4. We believe that smaller class sizes benefit preschool aged children for a variety of reasons.

• Our teacher truly gets to know each student well–their strengths and weaknesses–and has the time to spend one-on-one time with each student, helping to foster strengths and personal interests and provide help in areas that may need improvement.

• The students get to know one another well and develop deeper, more supportive relationships than they would in a larger class.

• Our projects and lessons are more detailed and in-depth, as we have time to help each student through the process.

• We get to know our families well and have time for more communication regarding individual students.

• Each student gets more “turns,” or opportunities to speak, practice, share, and actively participate rather than sit back and watch others. We believe in hands-on learning.

• Students have greater involvement, and no one is in the background. This is especially beneficial for shy children.

• Each year, we can tailor the classroom activities to the individual students in the classroom. If everyone loves trains, we’ll incorporate that into the class, for example. Everyone becomes more engaged.

• Students new to preschool feel comfortable and secure coming in and older children setting off for kindergarten feel confident and well-prepared.

Could your child benefit from a small, home-based preschool? Please check us out, and please spread the word. We’re currently enrolling for fall 2014 and would love to meet you and your child!


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