A Lesson in Hand Washing

Flu season is definitely upon us, and although we always stress the importance of proper hand washing in the classroom, preschool-aged children don’t always grasp this concept that they can’t see. We recently illustrated why proper hand washing is so important in a visual way.

First, we helped the children apply vegetable oil to their hands. They rubbed the oil in as much as possible.


Next, we sprinkled cinnamon on their hands to represent the germs.


We observed how dirty our hands can be!


Next, we touched paper towels to demonstrate how germs can spread to the things we touch. Ewwwww!


We all agreed that we needed to clean our hands, so we “washed” them in water.


Hmmmmm. The children observed that their hands still had “germs.” What was missing?

Oh! Soap! Then each of the students washed their hands properly with water AND soap. We had to scrub thoroughly to remove all the “germs.”


Once our hands were clean, we could go about the rest of our day, and we have all become better hand washers due to this fun activity!

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